About Us.

Get to Know The Sam Shine Foundation

Who Was Sam Shine?

Sam Shine is the face of and founder of the Sam Shine Foundation.  He operated with a mission of “Long term conservation, preservation, and restoration of natural ecosystems while focusing on maintaining and enhancing native wildlife habitats associated with unique lands and waters”

Sam passed away Friday, November 15, 2019 at 86 years old, but his mission is carried on through The Sam Shine Foundation.

About Us

Get to know us through some fun facts!

Supported conservation of >80,000 acres

In line with our mission and vision, we continue to work in parts of the environment that need our help. From acquiring different projects, to physical conservation efforts we do what we can to help.

We love Weekend Conservationists

Getting involved in conservation efforts doesn’t have to be a round the clock endeavor. There are tons of things we can do to help that can be done in a weekend.

Always Expanding Our Horizons

We continue to grow our efforts by expanding and including more projects, people, and organizations. We hope to make conservation more accessible for people at every level.

26 Years of Service

> 80,000 Acres Impacted

> 38 Million Tons of CO2 Sequestered Annually in Southern Indiana

5 States