Sam Shine Foundation

Mallory Swamp

Mallory Swamp

Mayo, Florida

Property Size: 30,051 acres

Mallory Swamp was the first significant restoration project for Sam Shine Foundation (SSF). Remarkably, Mallory Swamp eventually became the largest, successful aquifer & swamp hydration project in North America.

Mallory Swamp

The first major conservation project was Mallory Swamp in Mayo, Florida during 1997.  

Restoring 30,501 acres of swampland was a significant commitment with many challenges, but this was an important area adversely impacted by human activity and worth the effort.  Additionally, a smaller approximately 800 acre conservation area, Lafayette Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area (WEA), connecting to Mallory Swamp increased the conservation project overall acreage to nearly 31,318 

Our Efforts

Once Mallory Swamp was acquired by Sam Shine Foundation (SSF), a restoration plan was put in motion. Lafayette Forest and Mallory Swamp area have several test wells to monitor groundwater, important efforts for the southern US drinking water quality and swamp conservation.

Property Facts

Mallory Swamp was transferred to the State of Florida for use as a Wildlife Management Area. Shine Foundation was able to obtain the property more quickly than a state agency (Florida), preventing land development or overuse (offsite timber use). The State of Florida eventually purchased the property from SSF. Assisting Regional, State, and Federal level entities acquire larger parcels of lands for restoration and conservation through property ownership transfers is common, which was the case with Mallory Swamp. Florida appreciated receiving the land to increase areas of Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD), one of Florida’s five Water Management Districts.