Waldron Shale Project

The Waldron Shale Project is an educational initiative that gives teachers the training and materials to deliver fun and enlightening paleontology lessons to students. Students get their hands dirty, discover fossils, and receive memorable lessons in earth science. 

Science education benefits from hands-on inquiry-based learning. Paleontology is an ideal discipline for implementing this kind of instruction within the K-12 classroom, as biology, earth science, reading, art, and math can be easily integrated into lessons about the fossil record. Additionally, paleontology has a way of nearly universally capturing the imagination of children, providing a launching point for getting young people excited about science. The states of Kentucky and Indiana have exceptional paleontological resources. It follows that paleontology should be featured in the science curriculum here, as many students are finding or observing fossils in their backyards or public parks.
The Sam Shine Foundation is excited to participate in this project with the Falls of Ohio Foundation and Dr. Kate Bulinski, Associate Professor of Geoscience at Bellarmine University.
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