Pollinator Prairies & Improving Soils

Update on field conditions, soils, & erosion

SSF works to improve soil conditions through the building of organic content, especially on properties that have experienced decades of agricultural activity abuse. Introducing the appropriate mix of native grasses, forbs, and woody stem plants has proven to increasing soil quality more quickly than a “hands off” approach. This type of stewardship activity improves habitat for quail, turkey, and songbirds,  which merges very well with IDNR’s Grasslands for Gamebirds and Songbirds (GGS) program.  SSF makes efforts to coordinate closely with DNR (and other expert conservation entities) increases SSF’s conservation/restoration impact through connectivity.  

Sam Shine Foundation Conservation
Sam Shine Foundation Conservation

Image above: Expansion of counties that will be included in GGS 2.0

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