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Observations Update & Noticeable Trends

Question: How does strategic conservation land management methods impact native and migratory bird populations using SSF lands? 

Frequent field-based observations and data collection is critical for SSF to determine if conservation land management strategies are successful. SSF needs to be certain that conservation strategies are effective and efficient. Using wildlife cameras to observe winter bird feeders provide direct observational evidence and trackable data. Thousands of bird images are observed to collect information, the following statements summarize 2020-2021 findings. 

  1. SSF nest boxes are effective, populations of target bird species have risen noticeably, particularly carolina chickadee & eastern bluebirds. 
  2. Well-organized conservation land management strategies are most effective when we let nature guide our strategic efforts using a vertical approach. This incorporates a more intense focus on micro settings throughout each property, rather than a wider landscape view.
  3. Protected SSF habitats are used by various migrating bird species that return each season. Remarkably, many of these migrating birds use nearly the same position on SSF property each year. 
  4. 100% of the native winter bird residents use the protected habitats on SSF property. 


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